Purpuriu – Tyrian purple

Purple has been mentioned in literature and culture since very old times, even15 century BC. It has been refered to even in the Bilble, in the Old Testament, specifically describing 3 shades of purple, when God asks for certain pieces of fabric to be died so, pieces that were part of the tent dedicated to Him.

The fabrics that were painted purple were very intense, and the pigment became even brighter and more saturated when exposed to sunlight.
It was worn by royalty, high priests, magicians and aristocracy, because the pigment used to die the fabric was extremely expensive.

The reason for which the pigment was so expensive, was that it was very hard to obtain and manufacture. It was harvest from the mucus produced by 3 species of marine snails. They did not secrete a lot of mucus in one go, so a lot of snails were necessary. There used to be expeditions which set sail in order to find and harvest such snails.

Also, the process through which the mucus was collected and processed before it was turned into the fascinating purple dye, needed a very precise series of events and depended on certain times and temperatures in order for it to transform from white to purple.

The legent sais that it was Hercule’s dog whom discovered the purple dye. They were walking on the beach, intending to see the nimph Tyro, when Hercule’s dog bit a snail on the beach, and it’s mouth turned purple. The nimph saw this and she was fascinated by the colour, so she desperately wanted a dress in that colour. And so, the chase for the snails and the purple dye began. The scene was painted by Rubens towards the end of his career.

I am a snail, as I was called a while ago. I identified myself with this name, and from mearly a joke, I turned this into my identity. I created selfportraits and caricatures, turned it into an artistic identity. It became my creative side which has always been there, hiding slugishly into a shell.

This is why, under the “PURPLE” – “PURPURIU” name, I share what I produce, excreted from deep within my soul, and guided by the love I have for nature, light, colour, landscapes, plants, fog, insects and everything I see that puts me into admiration.